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Lawn Signs / Yard Signs / Street Signs are the cheapest and effective way of advertising your small business and trades. Most of the Construction Trade People, Small Service Groups and Non Profit Organization use these kind of signs, to spread their world in local community where their work or perform service. Of course small business need not to advertise on National Media, like Television, Radio and Newspapers, reason they cannot afford the cost of advertisement, 2ndly their service are is limited.
The Lawn Yard Signs are typically made of 2 kind of Material. Corrugated Plastic and Poly Bag Signs. Coroplast in Strong Substrate, while the Bag Signs are a little flimsy.
We make both kinds, Corrugated Signs and Poly Lawn Bag Signs. Regular Corrugated Lawn Yard Signs are made of 4 mm Corrugated Plastic. Corrugated Plastic is a plastic with Corrugation. Rain or Shine this Plastic Sign stands strong. These Plastic Signs are printed on one side with a special ink. The ink is water resistance. We make Custom Made Signs with different dimension. Regular Sizes of Plastic Signs / Street Signs is 16x12 inches, 24x16 and 32x24 sizes. Big Size Corrugated Plastic Signs are used as Site Signs. Corrugated Plastic is available in different Colors. Plastic Lawn Signs are Super Cheap Signs. We also Sell Blank Signs Boards in different Sizes.
Poly Bag Signs are made of polytherene material, 3-4 mm thick. Polyethylene Bag Signs Material has two layers. Inside Color in normally, Black or Grey. This is sun block material. A ?U Shape Spring Metal Frame? is inserted in ground and the bag signs is slipped over it. If you attach a small piece of tape on both opening ends of the bag signs, the bag sign will stay strong. Small tip to try!
You can design your own sign or send us your contents and we will Design Sign for you for FREE!
Printed T Shirts, while you?re wearing become the Human Bill Board, the person wearing your Custom Made T Shirt is actually has become the human bill board. While you?re wearing your own company T Shirts with your company logo gives more professional look of your company. You can gift your company T Shirts to your Customers, Business Associates and friends as gift. A small Size Print on the T Shirt with your company logo will become a source of advertisement for your business.
In 19th Century when in Great Britain the poster pasting become illegal, people used their Shirts being moving poster and they were not illegal at all.
Human billboards have been used for centuries. In 19th century London, the practice began when advertising posters became subject to a tax and competition for wall space became fierce.
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