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home gym zuma - $500 in Barrie, Ontario for sale

home gym zuma - $500
home gym zuma - $500
home gym zuma - $500

acific fitness/ precore zuma


Hello the girl friend and I have some long term plans of moving into a apartment or condo in 6 months to 1 year. I will have no place for my home gym / the pacific fitness zuma

I loved working out on this epic piece of equipment thing for 6 years in that time it has saved thousands of dollars in gym fees and helped me pack on 25- 30lbs Home "gyming" is the best boooorah craigs and Canadianlisted

THE ZUMA GYM (comes with all attachments and original manual)

ok so pacific fitness was the civilian department to precore (they make a lot of elliptical s and commercial end equipment) so this is basically a precore

Anyone who bought or has a zuma has THE hidden gem of the homegym world here's why

1) High quality
2) perfectly ergonomic ( allows full range with no dead spot) this must be experienced to be verified of course)
3) This machine was head and shoulders above other units in it's class and this was the last model zuma until they started using plastic plates. Steel is real baby!

Please come over and check this thing out it will stack up against ANYTHING else out there for this money lbs for lbs dollar for dollar a super unit. I frigging love this machine and if I wasn't moving I would keep it for longer.

I would like to offer a FREE personal training session after you have it set up in your home/ I was a personal trainer and am a practising RMT

Check out my pic, the zuma really helped to develop lats and especially helped with starting power/strength in the bench I said I bench 170 on this thing for reps I can bench more than that free bar. So in some ways this thing is harder than a free bench, however both have values!

Try this machine you'll fall in love

HT 81in
Length 65in
width 56 in

BETTER THAN BOWFLEX......any day of the week allow me to explain why

Bowflex uses plastic power rods that act like rubber bands....rubber bands wont get you jacked, heavy steel plates always do..... you do the math LOL

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Category:  Sport  |  Address:  Barrie Ontario

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