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Looking to buy a car? Not sure what to buy? Don't want to overpay? Worried about getting stuck with a car with too many problems?

I can help you with all of the above and more!!
Step 1:
Send me an email explaining what type of car you are looking for and your budget
e.g. A comfortable family sedan, reliable and good on gas. Under $20,000.

Any specifications or preferences?
e.g. Has to be an automatic gearbox with heated seats and a sunroof. Prefer if it were either black or white in color, under 50,000 kms or brand new.

Step 2:
I will email or call you back to briefly discuss your choice and any other details as needed.

Step 3:
Upon finalizing a deal, will begin the search for you and send you the best listings as I find them.

If feasible, can also come along for test drives and avoid the cost of mechanic inspections if any red flags are spotted right away (for used cars). If the car passes the test drive, no obvious problems are spotted and you want to buy the car, we can then take the car to the nearest mechanic for a final thorough inspection.

Can also assist with negotiating the best price at dealerships as per the average price, wholesale value, profit margins etc.

I have successfully bought and sold many new and used cars for myself and others and would like to share my expertise in helping you find your perfect car.

Will conduct extensive research on any specific car you want (reliability, gas mileage, recalls, common problems, maintenance etc.)

Upon determining a specific car(s), will look online(auto-trader, Canadianlisted etc), dealerships, auto malls, auctions and any private listings.

Fees: Flat Fee of $100 - $200 as per your criteria.

Please feel free to email me with any questions/comments or a free quote.

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